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Burial or Cremation


There are a number of reasons why burial may be the preferred choice, one of which is that there can be a lasting family memorial for loved ones to visit.A large number of cemeteries and churchyards are located in the Scottish Borders are either owned by

Scottish Borders Council or private companies.

You may already own a lair at a particular cemetery or churchyard, and in this instance we can make all the necessary arrangements for burial. If a new lair is required, we can purchase this on your behalf. After the service is over, you may wish to have a lasting memorial for your loved one, this could be a new headstone or an additional inscription to an existing one, we can advise a monumental mason for you.


Any tilting headstones are the responsibility of the Lair holder to rectify, at their own cost.

Scottish Borders Cemetery Department
01835 826 842

Costs Applicable (Within Scottish Borders)

*Scottish Borders Residents Charges
(Extra charges apply for non-residents)




In our area we have the choice of four crematoriums, Borders Crematorium, Mortonhall Crematorium, Seafield and Warriston Crematorium, each having their own particular attributes. We can provide you with all the relevant information to help you choose. There are further options available to you after cremation, these include interment of the ashes in a cemetery or scattered in the crematorium garden of remembrance. Alternatively, we have brochures of memorial jewellery.


Borders Crematorium:

Mortonhall Crematorium:

Seaffield Crematorium:

Warriston Crematorium:

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